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Granting ended on midnight 30th June.

Deadline for acceptance of the grant is Tuesday 13th July 2021.

Please email your guide if you are accepting the grant. While we will try to find all dreams which have accepted funding on the platform, it is possible we will miss one. To be sure, email your guide.

Budget Discussions

Redistribution Proposal Passed and Accepted


Deadline for reciept submission is the 30th August. You can find the information about how to submit your reciepts at here

Remember that your amount of funding on the platform is not correct. Full funding amounts can be found here

Trouble uploading your expenses?

WORKAROUND: If you don’t have many receipts, then you can simply email them to finance@kiezburn.org and your Dream Guide with this form (https://docs.google.com/document/d/18hlWct_xUqzjLnhzWH3NhM_3rpL4A-CF20nMHPchYXs/edit).

If you have more than a few receipts, then our email clients might not be able to process the mail. You can upload your receipts to a google drive folder and share with with finance and your dream guide. Your dream guide needs to check the content of what was purchased and finance validates the Finanzamtbehördehippygültigkeit of the receipts.

Finally finance still need a very clean, photocopied + original (thermal-ink only), and easy to comprehend physical hand in of ALL of your receipts (as usual), before any refund can be processed.