Rica- Guardian of dreams

She’s one of the old ones, a creature from the heart of nature, a pure being who has been wandering Earth for longer than we can imagine.


Rica appears with the arising of creation energy and amplifies it. She romps delicately through your dreams, protecting them. Sometimes she even takes you higher, pushing through planes of consciousness with her glowing wings. Rica is a manifestation of the creative energy which floats through us all - in cute parasaurolophus form. Inhabiting and connecting pools of this energy, Rica inspires us to draw from them and enhance our collective dream.

Description inspired by the Shishigami / Forest Spirit diety from Mononoke Hime.

Rica will be a ~1.4m tall parasaurolophus, made of jigsawed plywood cutouts slotted into one another, with diaphanous glowing wings...

Enviromental Impacts

Rica is derived from nature- being made of wood, leaves, Tüll, and all-natural orientally-sourced LEDs :))



Workshops/ classes/ discussions


Art installations




Sperrholzplatten95 - 96 EUR
Tüll10 - 20 EUR
LEDs11 - 15 EUR
PLA pipes/Wing struts10 - 30 EUR
Paint10 - 20 EUR
Plants10 - 30 EUR
guy wires10 - 20 EUR
stencil printing104 - 105 EUR
Transportation26 - 186 EUR
Total286 - 522 EUR
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
286 EUR (stretch goal: 522 EUR)

13 EUR

funded of 286 EUR goal

lolacat contributed 4 EUR

fox contributed 1 EUR

anna_vladi contributed 1 EUR

Somebody contributed 5 EUR

fox contributed 1 EUR

fox contributed 1 EUR