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Kiez Burn 2021

Silent Disco (dance without no...

Silent Disco (dance without noise issues)

There are noise constrains, so we will have headphones to blast music in an area that is beautiful but can't have massive sound.


I was skeptical of silent discos until I went to one last year and had one of the best dances in ages. I was blown away that there is such a good solution to have a beautiful dance while completely avoid noise pollution issues and conflict.

We will have >50 headphones. There are 3 channels so you can always find music that works for you. If someone wants to DJ, they can always plug their gear into a transponder, or play your favorite song lists from your phone. It will be open to people throwing up their spotify or soundcloud sets. Pop music, funk, eclectic electronic. It all will be welcome.

It is great to feel that bump in your chest form a big bass, but silent disco offers some advantages that a big speakers don't. Here we we won't piss off our fellow Kiezburn sleepers or the nearby village, we can dance in spaces that normally we can't access, it's portable, you can switch between streams to find music you actually love, and then play it at a volume that you prefer.

We already have some headphones, but need funds to be able to bring them to kiezburn, power them, and to replace damaged or lost headphones so we can continue to have this at burner community events.

Enviromental Impacts

Music without disturbing others, how great is that.





Purchase headphones, batteries, and lights150 - 400 EUR
Total150 - 400 EUR
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
150 EUR (stretch goal: 400 EUR)

169 EUR

funded of 150 EUR goal

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