Welcome to Kiez Burn 2022


Budgets are now locked and should not be changed - if you really want to change your budget, contact your dream guide

Voting is CLOSED!

Voting ends 28th April midnight

Got Questions about Dreams? It's all in the Dreamers Manual


Dreams (art & other projects) funding is based on popularity this year.

Please simply give 0, 1, or 2 tokens to Dreams/Art (not voting counts as 0)

2: I LOVE this!

1: I like it, it looks cool and the budget seems reasonable

0: It’s not for me/ It breaks a guideline (which I have flagged*)/ I didn’t vote

This year, the number of "tokens" you can give is unlimited and doesn't correspond to Euros at all. The most popular dreams will get exactly the funding they requested.

After voting ends, Dreams will be ranked from most to least popular, according to the tokens given. The top Dreams will be funded until the money runs out, and the rest get no funding at all. Therefore, giving a "2" to every dream will have the same effect as not voting at all.

Dreams will have a "total funded amount" under them and €3000 added to their budgets. Please ignore this!

For a more detailed explanation, click here:


Unable to Login?

Please search for the email titled "You have been invited to Plato" from postmaster@mailgun.platoproject.org

Or contact us on the Discord, (#dreams-and-art)

Deadline for Dreamers to resolve flags: 28th April

Any flags raised on the platform must be resolved by the 28th of April. Dreams with unresolved flags on this date may be dropped, and the funding given to other Dreams. It is the responsibility of the dreamer to ensure that flags are resolved in time

Funding has been decided. Full explanation here: https://talk.kiezburn.org/d/ZJvm4OLg/dream-results