Burn Olympics

We plan to fail even harder than last year. We fail bigger, we fail epically, with lots of partycipation. Because winning is still for losers.


An interactive theatre event. Teams compete in ridiculous disciplines for the entertainment of us all. Before the burn, we'll hold an improv class or 2 to facilitate participation in the show.

Afraid to fail? It’s okay. We try again, we fail again, we fail better.

Who is the biggest loser? We are set to find out.

At the Burn Olympics, we show off our best (and worst) skills in failing.

We present: a high-participation show, born in the spirit of fun and anti-competitiveness! You will be clueless, yet enthusiastic, thrown into the arena to complete in ridiculous disciplines for everyone's amusement.

  • This year's disciplines may include Plastiktütenweitschuss, Wattebauschpusten and Handtuchwerfen (suggestions welcome).
  • It could happen, that teams will receive a face paint job at our DIY hooligan station where they can create their own fan articles
  • Maybe the show will be presented by some fancy loud-mouthed announcer (you?)
  • There could be lots of opportunities for spontaneous performances (you?)
  • If the gods are well-mannered they will supply some hype in the form of music
  • What do you say? Olympic fire? Ceremonies? Gold medals? Yes.

Everyone is invited to participate along the narrative of the Olympics, taking on roles and becoming part of the show, making fun of winning, success and the same old citius, altius, fortius.

We are looking for: judges, fans, trainers, massagists, motivators, doping control, mafia, press, politicians, security, first aid, streakers, protesters, autograph hunters… and basically anything that fits and is fun. We'll buy some name tags and secondhand "costumes" (hats, fake mustaches, etc) and other props to help you look your part!

So you can participate as:

A) member of the orga team (aka olympic committee)

B) performer with your own role

C) competitor with your own team

D) fanatic spectator

Please feel free to contact us! https://discord.com/channels/930739383525572629/955905878006054942

Are you applying for an ART grant?


Artist statement (ART grants only)

We could probably write more about why it ISN'T art...

Where at Kiezburn would you like your Dream/ Art to be?

Promethian arena

How will you ensure that everyone is invited to experience your dream?

We'll schedule it in the program and hold the performance next to the road, with a sign to indicate the start time. Announcements on the megaphone and active recruiting for last-minute roles

Enviromental Impacts

We will generally avoid buying new. Costume bits & pieces from Humana. Wood (re-using old pallets and signs where possible), needs to be burned or striked. Using Non-Toxic face paint.

Music/ Sound




Workshops/ classes/ discussions


Art installations




For Kids


Adults only




Costume pieces for participants & Olympic committee (secondhand)70 EUR
signs and props (wood, paint)90 EUR
Megaphone25 EUR
Transport of equipment (share van cost?)40 EUR
Face paints15 EUR
spray paint & string for gold medals6 EUR
name tags4 EUR
button material30 EUR
copy shop20 EUR
fabric20 EUR
To Make Voting Possible3 000 EUR
Total3 320 EUR

Existing funds

signs and props30 EUR
Face paints 10 EUR
Total40 EUR
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
3 280 EUR

136 EUR

funded of 3 320 EUR goal

vsophie contributed 2 EUR

ls contributed 2 EUR

Somebody contributed 1 EUR

nana contributed 2 EUR

Somebody contributed 2 EUR

anna_vladi contributed 2 EUR

cjyetman contributed 2 EUR

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Somebody contributed 2 EUR

Somebody contributed 2 EUR

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