Tubular Bells Instalation

imagine harmonically sounding tubular bells hanging in big tree branches waiting to be played by soundloving explorers


nine tubular bells, tuned in harmonic tones, safely and tree protectively installed on tree branches. drumsticks provided, so it can be played by multiple players. the tubes are metallic, they have a variating size starting small growing bigger up to 2 meters. the biggest tube weighs maximum 5kg, will be fixated by a coated metal string rope.

Additionally i want it to become a location for a humming workshop, where the bells can be used as a sound guidance.

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Artist statement (ART grants only)

the tubular bells installation is on the one hand an instrument and on the other hand an art installation. As an instrument it is interactively playable and creates a sound space with harmonic vibrating sounds. As an installation it is quite an eyecatcher due to the size itself and its form fortified through its repetitive elements.

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it needs a strong tree with strong brenches. Like the tree where the treehouse from 2019 was build in. It would be good if it is not in a loud sound area, so its sound can be enjoyed.

How will you ensure that everyone is invited to experience your dream?

it will be selfexplicable in a way that it reminds you on wind chimes. the drumsticks provided invite instinctively to play it. give a monkey a stick and he will beat, drum and play with it, and eventually hit the tubes ;)

Enviromental Impacts

it will be build in a re-useable way. it could be re-installed the following years, too.

the tubes come from metal industry.

the tubes will hang on tree branches. So to protect the tree from rubbing damage- treeprotection like isolationmatress will be worked in the fixation so the tree is damage free.

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biggest tube90 EUR
other tube 60 EUR
other tube60 EUR
other tube 50 EUR
other tube50 EUR
other tube50 EUR
other tube30 EUR
other tube 30 EUR
smallest tube30 EUR
metal string coated - 1m = 10,80euro50 EUR
metal lock gripper/ wire connectors 9x ca 6euro53 EUR
To Make Voting Possible3 000 EUR
Total3 553 EUR
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
3 553 EUR

94 EUR

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