Crush and Create!

Art therapeutic workshops where we break ceramics and make mosaics out of them


We will smash plates and porcelain and make mosaic artworks out of the pieces!

In the workshops we will transform our heated feelings into creative action. Let it be anger, frustration, jealousy, slight irritation over poorly pitched tentpoles or too many universe leggings!

I will provide the materials needed for making the mosaics, that we can also exhibit on the festical. The smashing of plates will be instructed in a safe way and done with protection glasses

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Artist statement (ART grants only)

The idea behind the project is to use the sometimes destructive energy of anger and turn it into positive action/ sublimation. In the workshops I will use tools from art therapy, that I study in my daily life. The artworks will be exhibited on the festival and thereby shared with the community

Where at Kiezburn would you like your Dream/ Art to be?

The workshops can be done anywhere with a flat ground close to a water supply

How will you ensure that everyone is invited to experience your dream?

The workshops will be publicly announced and the works will be exhibited in the public areas of the festival

Enviromental Impacts

We will use materials such as grout, glue and plates from secondhand shops. The area where we will smash porcelain (witch in total will be around 60 plates) we will cover with tarp or plastic to avoid that small pieces of porcelain will be left on the ground.

After the workshops I will ask the participants if they want to bring their artworks home or maybe gift to someone after they have been exhibited on the festival. The artworks that people dont want to keep, I will make sure to have removed after the festival.

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PVA glue19 EUR
Fiberglass mesh25 EUR
Plates100 EUR
Grout19 EUR
Painting cardboard43 EUR
Tarp7 EUR
protection glasses15 EUR
To Make Voting Possible3 000 EUR
Total3 228 EUR
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
3 228 EUR

126 EUR

funded of 3 228 EUR goal

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