Crazy Tea Party

Follow the mad hatter and hop down with the chased white rabbit and all other peculiar creatures down the rabbithole into our Crazy Tea Party.


We're all mad here.

The Crazy Tea Party at Café Wonderland is an invitation to embrace all craziness and wonderous adventures. A lot of silly action, colorful costumes, fluffs and, of course, tea will await you here. It also holds the space to be a self-made improvised interactive performance play by anyone partaking. Anything can happen here. The imaginary doors of this gathering are wide open to everyone.

Just enter our magic garden to join us at the table for frivolous conversation, or fall down the rabbit hole into a dreamy space to chill.

Café Wonderland will have a colorful, charmingly decorated set up with lots of fairy lights, art, and trippy details, so the Crazy Tea Party will be embedded in a delightfully whimsical atmosphere. If sound regulations will allow it, the happening will be rounded up with some silly, trippy, and chill music.

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Artist statement (ART grants only)

The Crazy Tea Party is an interactive performance and will therefore happen in the context of performing arts. Unplanned action and characters will be created collaborately and spontaneously as an improv experience. Anyone can be a performer in this spectacle.

Situated in the artsy space of Café Wonderland, the imaginary environment will be inspired by the surroundings, offering the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as a base reality.

Where at Kiezburn would you like your Dream/ Art to be?

The Crazy Tea Party will take place at Café Wonderland.

How will you ensure that everyone is invited to experience your dream?

Café Wonderland is a public space and the Crazy Tea Party will be a communal event for everyone at KiezBurn. It will be scheduled and announced in the program.

Enviromental Impacts

The decoration for the Crazy Tea Party will be self-made, upcycled, picked up from the streets or second hand. A lot of things will be reused from things on storage. All things will be storaged or reused again. The Crazy Tea Party will use some power for a nice set up of lights, all with LED light bulbs.

Build and strike will be organized self-reliantly with a Leave-No-Trace-Leadposition.

Music/ Sound




Workshops/ classes/ discussions


Art installations




For Kids


Adults only




Lights70 EUR
Transport100 EUR
Decoration & Art220 EUR
Building Materials 110 EUR
To Make Voting Possible3 000 EUR
Total3 500 EUR

Non-monetary contributions

a lot of all kinds of stuff, deco&art, lights, cables&plugs, a bit of wood, tools, fabrics, pillows, fluffing, gifts, and many more surprises the kiez is contributing
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
3 500 EUR

171 EUR

funded of 3 500 EUR goal

Somebody contributed 2 EUR

Somebody contributed 2 EUR

henbenevgi contributed 2 EUR

Somebody contributed 2 EUR

ls contributed 1 EUR

Somebody contributed 2 EUR

vsophie contributed 2 EUR

Somebody contributed 2 EUR

Somebody contributed 2 EUR

Somebody contributed 2 EUR

and 88 more contributions