The Glade of The Fates

An interactive space for introspection and manifesting, that offers its seekers objects for divination and creating a vision of their future.


Oh, magnificent creatures of Kiezburn! The Fates have heard your call and are offering you a look into the future and a way to bend it to your will.

In the Glade of The Fates you will find objects with which you will be able to practive the art of divination to find the answer to a question or seek insight into a situation. You and a fellow seeker together can also use the magic items provided by the Fates to help you manifest a future you want, in The Game of Alignment. Throughout the hills and valleys of Kiezburn The Fates shall also scatter little Scrying Shrines, to help you further in your introspection and seeking of wisdom.

All necessary tools as well as instructions, shall await the seekers in the dry and well-lighted shelter of the Glade at all times, so they might beseech the Fates with their requests whenever they need.

We are weavers of reality who wish to help our fellow Burners to have a space where they can use game and ritual to help guide their way into the future. It is our artistic mission to create a small sacred space with a guided activity that can be done in small groups to help add more magic to our Burn.

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Where at Kiezburn would you like your Dream/ Art to be?

The Glade of The Fates; where the Objects of Divination and the Game of Alignement will be situated, is most likely going to be close to, or within the Promethean area, possibily in the previous Oracle space. The Scrying Shrines, which will have clues directing people to the Glade, will be placed on the stairs leading down to the Arena / Fire Space, as well as 2 - 3 other locations, where they are visible and accesable, but not in the way. The Scrying Shrines will overall also be small and thus not obstructive.

How will you ensure that everyone is invited to experience your dream?

Some will be excessively obvious to find, and they will lead to the more secretive ones. A fateful treasure hunt of self discovery.

Enviromental Impacts

All big Objects of Divination, as well as the Skrying Shirnes will be (quite literally) tied down. The smaller objects, which are used for the Game of Alignment, will be biodegradeable, so even if they escape (which they should not, really) they will not be causing harm. We will be extra mindful to not use any potentially MOOPy decorations, e.g. tinsel, to avoid any other stray bits being left behind. We will also source as many of materials as possible second hand, to keep the envoirmental impact of The Glade of The Fates low.

Music/ Sound




Workshops/ classes/ discussions


Art installations




For Kids


Adults only




Timber / Wood145 EUR
Roof / Waterproofing75 EUR
Lighting65 EUR
Decorations (paint, rope, fabrics, ...)95 EUR
4 Chests / Crates48 EUR
Seating55 EUR
Divination Objects24 EUR
Signage/ Lamination21 EUR
To Make Voting Possible3 000 EUR
Total3 528 EUR

Existing funds

Alignment Objects + Game Altar45 EUR
Total45 EUR
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
3 483 EUR

120 EUR

funded of 3 528 EUR goal

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