The Promethean Arena

Some heroes are forged in the fire of battle, and some are born in the bliss of flow.


At the Promethean Arena you can join other magical beings and mythical creatures in a variety of activities, reaching from dance, acro yoga and improv fight scenes to flow tool workshops and guided playfights. At night the Arena will host fire dancers to light the darkness, carrying the Promethean Flame to their fellow burners.

The Promethean Arena will be placed in the Promethean Camp and offer several physical activities and workshops to our visitors. Some of them will be:

Fire Space: When night falls the Prometheans offer a place of light, warmth and flow with a bonfire and music for everyone to gather round and share stories. On two nights of the gathering the arena will host a fire space, where fire spinners and dancers are invited to join the flaming flow to invoke the favor of the gods. If heroes from other camps want to open fire spaces on additional days, the Prometheans will provide their fire essence, equipment and counsel to empower the brave travellers to kindle the divine flames by themselves.

Playfight Space: A few times during the burn, the arena will become a place for friendly battle, where you can challenge your friends or fight with a stranger to learn your opponents true resolve. The playfights will be guided experiences, evoking the spirit of epic fights amongst magical creatures and putting the participants in touch with their mythical allies to assist them in their battles.

Duels: Even the gods fight with each other, so why should mortals go without disputes. The Prometheans offer a solution: Take it to the arena! One of the many blessings that the Prometheans are offering, is to invoke divine judgement by means of duel. These duels will be a competition of style and skill, in which the audience will decide the winner. The Prometheans will send an arbiter to negotiate the rules of the duel, provide the weapons and oversee its proper execution.

Workshop Space: The arena is not only a place for fighting, but welcomes all kind of movement arts. It can be used to host workshops, games and jams for dancing, acro-yoga, improv performances or playing flow tools. Come and learn something new in the Promethean Arena!

Free Play Space: When no other activities are hosted in the Arena, it will still offer access to all the equipment that will be acquired with the dream budget. Settle an argument with foam swords, a pillow fight or play with some of the shared flow tools. Ask a Promethean nearby, if you need advice with any of the equipment.

Are you applying for an ART grant?


Where at Kiezburn would you like your Dream/ Art to be?

This is the Promethean arena, the sand area at the Promethean Kiez

How will you ensure that everyone is invited to experience your dream?

The area is freely accessible and open to everyone. Guided experiences and workshops might have a limited number of participants, but spectators are always welcome.

Enviromental Impacts

Burning oil in the fire space and all it’s CO2 impact. Further contamination of the environment through oil should be prevented by oil-proof carpeting under the dipping station. Otherwise, all equipment that will be brought will be taken back afterward.

Music/ Sound




Workshops/ classes/ discussions


Art installations




For Kids


Adults only




4x4m mat area400 EUR
4 bows100 EUR
90l Promethean fire essence aka oil300 EUR
equipment for dipping station (lighting, oil-proof carpet, gloves, oil tub, tool rack, safety equipment)200 EUR
foam swords for duels and show fights100 EUR
two additional bows and soft-tip arrows for archery100 EUR
playfight equipment (pillows, blindfolds, other props )50 EUR
fire bowl50 EUR
To Make Voting Possible3 000 EUR
Total4 300 EUR

Existing funds

4x4m mat area400 EUR
4 bows100 EUR
equipment for dipping station (oil tub, cans, frame structure)100 EUR
Total600 EUR
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
3 700 EUR

749 EUR

funded of 4 300 EUR goal

vsophie contributed 2 EUR

ls contributed 2 EUR

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nana contributed 2 EUR

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