About Kiez Burn 2022


Budget Specifity

The items in the budget should be specific. There is no need to list every screw, but "Materials: 100€" is not enough

Environmental Impact

Has this dream considered the environmental impact it will have?

Leave No Trace

Has the dream considered how it is going to strike down the dream?

Resale Value

Does an item in the dream budget have significant resale value? If so, has the dream considered how this is going to remain in the community?


If the dream budget contains funding for costumes, is this an integral and necessary part of the dream?

Transport: Total

Dreams grants will cover only 20% of the total cost of the dream (i.e. the grant together with the additional funding. Does this dream have a transport budget bigger than this?

EXCEPTIONS: Prexisting artpieces can apply for only transport costs, provided it is approved by their dream guide

Sound Equipment

We unfortunately cannot fund big sound stages - Is this dream looking for this type of funding?

Sound: Cost percentage

Funding of sound equipment should be at most 30% of the cost

Sound: Restrictions

Sound camps can be only placed in certain areas of the site - does this dream follow these restrictions?

Disallowed Items

No items in the following list may be funded:

Consumables (Food, Alcohol, Gifts, etc.), Personal/Camp Transport, Equipment for your Kiez (kitchen, tools, materials, decorations for private space), Illegal stuff, Fireworks, Drones, Kiez Burn tickets, Remuneration of hired labour

Safety: Size

Is the proposed dream as structure that is bigger than 50 square meters? If so, has it had a safety plan approved?

Safety: Height

Is the proposed dream as structure that is taller than 3 meters? If so, has it had a safety plan approved?


For dreams that involve fire, is there an approved safety plan? Does it have a backup plan for if fire is not allowed?

Does the art piece still work if fire is disallowed?

Safety: Other

Could this be dangerous for intoxicated people and/ or children? If so, has it had a safety plan approved?

Public Access

Will everybody know this Dream exists and feel welcome and able to experience it?


Have you considered how to power the dream and discussed it with the power team?

Late acceptance

Dream was submitted late

Ineligible for an "Art" grant.

To be eligible for funding as "Art," the proposed project must satisfy these criteria: -be artistic in nature. The artist should include an artist statement. -not be placed within the boundaries of a Kiez (unless it is a performance which requires a structure or stage which a Kiez is providing.) -have a minimum budget of 150€

Granting settings

  • Currency


  • Max. amount to one dream per user

    2 EUR

  • Allow stretch goals


  • Dream creation closes

    April 10, 2022 - 9:59 pm

  • Granting opens

    April 19, 2022 - 9:59 pm

  • Granting closes

    April 28, 2022 - 9:58 pm

Granting status

  • Total allocations

    957 445 EUR

  • Total contributions

    5 832.62 EUR

  • Total in members balances (allocations - contributions)

    951 612.38 EUR

  • Total contributions in funding now dreams

    5 832.62 EUR

  • Total contributions in funded dreams

    0 EUR