The Dimension Doors

Step into not just another world, but directly into the infinite possibilities of all other worlds. This is a standalone experiential art installation


The Dimension Doors is an installation that provides an adventure that begins from a single point, all the way until the 6th Dimension.

It is an 8 minute experience, for which 2 people can share. With an audio track synced to coded lighting inside an infinity mirror-box. The humans/aliens that leave the box are not the same ones that walk in.... This can only make sense by experiencing thee dimensions for yourself..


This has been my dream for almost 2 years, but I had no coding experience and kept prioritizing other responsabilites.

I received funding to bring this dream to Kiez Burn (in a much cheaper and more prototype form). I learned to code arduino, and successfully coded the entire experience from scratch. On the day of leaving for build, the code was deleted, and me being a beginner, I had no backup. I lost about 20 hours of coding....... I brought it all anyways, and built the frame on site. Then I recoded the entire experience, all the way until the 5th dimension. Then my computer got rain damage in the storm and died...... The frame was built and installed, but the cheap foil substitue I could only just about afford did not provide the effect I needed to make the experience. So the structure was built, with some nice LED's, but the dream never became a reality.

I really really needed the acrylic mirror sheets, and Nowhere has offered me an art grant for them. So now I just need the 2-way mirror sheets to make the installation completely complete. And that is what I am asking for here.

Budget Links 10x M8 Wood Bolts - 4x Acrylic Sheets 195x100 - 4x Wooden Boards 200x105 - 10x M8 Bolts - 8x M8 Self-Tapping bolts -








I will bring the installation with me, and take it away. It is a self-contained structure that packs down into my van, with no extra bits or moop possibilities.



Acrylic sheets285 EUR
2-Way Film50 EUR
Wood Bolts3 EUR
M8 Bolts12 EUR
M8 Self-Threading bolts7 EUR
Acrylic Mirrors800 EUR
LED Strips120 EUR
Arduino + Other Electronics80 EUR
Transport10 EUR
Plywood boards155 EUR
Linseed Oil30 EUR
Magnets for the Door15 EUR
Door handle and Bolt15 EUR
Total1 582 EUR

Existing funds

Arduino and other Electrics80 EUR
LED Strips120 EUR
Acrylic Mirrors800 EUR
Wooden Frame25 EUR
KiezBurn Decompression Dream Funding557 EUR
Total1 582 EUR
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds

1 582 EUR

funded of 1 582 EUR goal